Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet This Blue Heaven: Aaron/KP

me: there.
  let me start over.
  dun dun dun DUNNNNNNNNN
 Aaron: nah
me: you're ready set?
  for our big interview?
  (i'm stalling while i try to ingest more coffee)
 Aaron: fire away!
 me: mmm coffee.
  okay let's start out easy.
  what's the meaning of life?
  just kidding.
  who are you?
Aaron: I'm Aaron - son of Steve & Mimi
 me: great! let's start with your childhood.
  did you put on "shows" as a kid?
Aaron: not really
  performed in recitals, concerts, events other people put on, but putting on shows is hard work
 me: all business, eh?
your sister never made you sing grease or anything?
 Aaron: ha! no!
 me: why ha?
 Aaron: I did learn a bunch of songs on the piano for her: American Pie, Total Eclipse of the Heart - you know, the classics
me: aww
  'cause she just liked to hear them?
 Aaron: right
  but she wasn't the pushy type. just encouraged me. she's almost 4 years older....taught me to read, taught me almost everything
me: what's the best thing she taught you?
 Aaron: always try and look at things from the other person's perspective
me: was that a direct lesson, or did it come from having to work through things as siblings?
Aaron: I remember it vividly actually. I was home with her....maybe a day off from school
and I think I called 6 or 7 friends to try and find someone to do something with....and when I got a "yes" from the 7th or 8th, I must've said something to him about how I'd tried & failed with all these other kids and I'm so glad you're home and wanna play
 me: ha
 Aaron: I got off the phone and Lisa pointed out that this friend probably didn't like that
being at the end of the list
 me: man. older sisters rule.
 Aaron: yeah, I started piano lesson because of her :)
 me: no way!
Aaron: used to follow her to Ms Bell's house, and after a while....
  got my own lessons. I was 5
me: any memories from those early days when you were becoming acquainted with your instrument?
 Aaron: loved picking out songs, figuring out the ones I heard on the radio, TV
that was the best! didn't practice the assigned music much, but I loved being at the piano. that was my way of getting out of cleaning up after meals
did I mention that my sister and my parents rule!?
 me: HA!
  does that work with mai?
 Aaron: sometimes :)
  she rules too!
 me: your folks were so lovely to host us for thanksgiving when we went on tour. i especially liked the photo album and the story about you riffing on beethoven.
and the stuffing.
  and the grapefruit.
 Aaron: so glad we caught that all on video!
 me: anyway, yes. improvising on the greats. do you think of yourself as a rebel?
Aaron: what sense?
 me: an anti-conformist?
 Aaron: sure
 me: in any way?
 (by the way, either you haven't had enough 'spresso or you're behaving for the folks at home, but either way i can't believe you let that twss about your instrument go by.)
  (it's like i don't even know you.)
 Aaron: bwahahaha!
me: :)
  okay so
  describe the perfect audience in one word
 Aaron: appreciative
me: describe the band dynamic in three words or less.
 Aaron: family-like
 me: we've talked about this over the years - who's in what "family" role. what do you think about that nowadays? are you still the mom?
 Aaron: never thought I was, but I see that
me: oh, maybe that was me back when it was just the 3 of us and i was having flashbacks to my childhood.
you and stu forcing me to pick a side. "what key do YOU think it's in?"
 Aaronoh yeah -- good times
my friend eric says I'm a black woman trapped in a white man's body, so maybe there's something to that
 me: i have no idea what that would mean, but let's move on.
 Aaron: ok
 me: besides your sister, who/what are some NON musical influences on your music?
Aaron: monet!
  I love me some monet!
 me: huh. i did not know that.
  i can see monet in your preludes, though
  if you had time or another lifetime to start a whole new career path, what would you like to do?
oh there you are!
  where'd you go?
Aaron: darn wireless!
  sorry about that
 me: ns
  now i'm listening to the new aloud song - to die at sea. this is so beautiful. their album's gonna be gorgeous. it has strings - you like strings!
Aaron: yeah, my good friend Matt Szemela played for them!
 me: i love matt!
  those szemelas are special.
 Aaron: they are!
me: life glow
 Aaron: totally!!! they've got it!
 me: what is the life glow?
  can you define it?
Aaron: hmmm....sort of an aura that shines effortlessly when you're living/loving life
me: dig it.
  so did you get my alternate career question?
 Aaron: no....don't think so
 me: if you had time or another lifetime to start a whole new career path, what would you like to do?
Aaron: chef! definitely a chef!
 me: that's great!
 Aaron: I know the ex chef at oleana -- ana sortun -- and she started training as a teenager
I think she left seattle and went to study in france when was 17 or 18
 me: what a life...
  what kind of cuisine would you go for?
 Aaron: fusion....some sort of fusion
me: hahahaha
  time machine.
 Aaron: oh boy
 me: would you go?
 Aaron: here's my question: when I came back, is it like I never left? to the people here/now
me: so long as you get back at the right time!
 Aaron: oh, tricky!
 me: but do-able, i think.
 Aaron: I don't know if I'd succeed....I'm often late
 me: you'd have doctor who with you.
 Aaron: oh, phew! then, YES
 me: heh
so where/when in all of time and space would you want to go first?
 Aaron: europe - pre WW1
 me: uh oh
  why come?
Aaron: bartok, stravinsky, schoenberg, debussy
  so much great stuff going on artistically....and no cellphones yet!
me: ha!
  'course you could still die from syphillis
 Aaron: good point....I'd be faithful though
me: obviously
  you've traveled to a lot of places in this era... where would you like to travel that you haven't yet?
Aaron: alaska!
  sarah palin makes it seem so dreamy
 me: i nearly lost my coffee on that one!
 Aaron: doh!
me: haida's brother used to captain an alaskan cruise ship. maybe we could hook you up.
 Aaron: perfect! I love haida!
 me: just a few more questions for you
  what do you believe in?
 Aaron: the ability of people to change
the importance of music -- especially music education
  the necessity of critical thinking
me: right on
  what do you know for sure?
Aaron: oh, I also believe in love
  forgot that one
 me: good one
 Aaron: very important
hmmm....what do I know?
  I know I'm lucky to have found you & the gp, bp & dr
and I know it's harder to make music than it looks/sounds
oh, and I know that my daughter is growing up around some incredible music/musicians. this makes me very happy, I know
me: yeah - with her it's like... she's so lucky to be surrounded by such talent and to travel with you two - she has such a unique perspective of the world already. and at the same time, everyone who meets her is totally lucky as well. she's full of lifeglow.
Aaron: awwww
 me: what's something you don't know but wish you did?
Aaron: I'd love to know what it's like experience a TBH show for the 1st time....I've heard all these songs so many times, written many of them, thought about them so much
  what it's like to experience
 me: that's a great one!
maybe we can ask newcomers at our ep release show next saturday
 Aaron: great idea!
  I'd love to know!
me: what're you most looking forward to about that show?
 Aaron: oh, definitely the surprises!
I mean, they're not going to be surprises to me, but to most everyone else they will be, so I'm looking forward to people's reactions
  and to slow dance slow especially!
 me: me three
  what do you think i should ask stu tomorrow?
Aaron: how close are we to making the music he's been wanting to make?
me: oh wow... do you want to give some context to that question?
 Aaron: a friend of mine recently commented on how different Nova Love sounds from The Fair Enough's music
 me: heh
Aaron: I told him about all the thought/time Stu and I (and then the 3 of us) put in during the TFE-TBH transition
it's hard to get what's in your head out
 me: absolutely
i think qsg was good for that. getting those more transitiony songs down and done.
 Aaron: for sure! for me As Ever As Always was the one
such great lyrics, unusual structure, great pop/rock riffs, killer collaborative effort!
 me: you were quite in love with that song :)
 Aaron: still am :)
 me: for awhile there
well... do you want to ask me any questions?
 Aaron: "look me in the eyes while they're still open!"
  "while we've got this life, there is still time to hope!"
 me: kinda macabre...
 Aaron: I don't think so -- that's the truest sentiment you can give one you love
so powerful
anyway....questions for you? hmmm....
 me: i read that now and it feels very heavy-handed, writing-wise. but that was one of my first cracks at lyric-writing (not counting the AWESOME compositions i came up with as a kid)
 Aaron: ha!
ok, my question for you - how great are those fenway franks?!?
 me: oh man. with all the work we've been doing to prepare for this show, i'm hardly even aware it's summer. the baseball season is passing me by!!! i hear we've won a few?
Aaron: yeah, I know what you mean
 me: but yes. fenway is fun for lots of reasons, and one of them is that i always cheat on my vegetarian diet so that i can feel thoroughly a part of it and eat at least 2 franks per game.
there i said it.
 Aaron: hip hip!
 me: well thanks for chatting with me, kp.
 Aaron: anytime!
 me: and don't forget to thank mai for those blueberries.
Aaron: I did! we had pancakes w/ em this morning....handpicked yumminess
 me: i think that's as good a note as any to say bye-bye.
 Aaron: :)
me: OH wait
  we gotta get your myers-briggs type!
  did you take the test yet?
 Aaron: yeah
I think I'm an INTP, but I don't think things (with me at least) are so black/white
 me: really!
  curiouser and curiouser
  and all introverts. you were my last hope for an E
Aaron: I am often
 me: it does explain a lot.
 Aaron: like I said, it's not so cut & dry
 me: sure, nothing is.
 Aaron: especially not people/personalities
 me: we live in the gray.
Aaron: the curse of the gemini
 me: quite
  all righty... thanks for not cussing too durn much.
  i like your style
 Aaron: and I yours!
me: latah
 Aaron: lyns
 me: back atcha


did you REALLY take this test?
take it, it's 4 minutes.


Your Type is 


ok, see this is why I don't believe in this stuff :)
some questions were hard to answer....others don't have anything to do with personality.  like, I'm ok in crowds BECAUSE I'M TALL :)

that sounds MUCH more like you

*ENFP: The Scientologist
The ENFP is a creative thinker who sees all humanity as connected to a cosmic whole, and gives of himself tirelessly to improve the condition of his fellow man.
Whether he's creating bizarre religions aimed at bringing us all back to our origins as immortal space aliens made of pure thought or conducting seminars and classes on alien abduction, the ENFP is always seeking the answers to the great mysteries of life, such as "Who are we?" and "How can I use two tin cans and a Radio Shack multimeter to bring enlightenment to the world?" and "What is it with UFOs and anal probing, anyway?"
RECREATION: The ENFP is gregarious, outgoing, and slightly silly; they often spend their leisure time engaged in role-playing games, having pillow fights that lead to wild, lustful lesbian orgies, or being abducted by space aliens.
COMPATIBILITY: ENFPs are happiest in relationships with Tom Cruise.
Famous ENFPs include anyone who has ever dated Tom Cruise.


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