Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Autumn into winter...

...and I'm turning inward, where the light lives during this season.

For now that means retreating from this outer space for awhile.

Yes, even the duologues will be on hold as I adjust to the new Boston Band Crush gig.  Keep an eye out for my show crushes there and my (NEW!) lyrics crush column in the new year.

You can find me abusing Facebook day or night, of course, with plenty of This Blue Heaven and other news in a steady stream.  Maybe one of these days I'll even get a handle on this tweeting business.

Mom, don't worry, I'll call you.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wed... er, Thursday Duologue: Henry Beguiristain

me: henri!
Henry: Hey!
Sorry it took me so long. AT&T clearly does not have the nation's largest 3G network.
me: how's le texas? (that's francais for texas;)
no sorries
Henry: Texas.. so far, it's incredibly sunny. A little chilly.
We also spotted a "Jesus Christ is Lord Travel Center".
me: did you go in?
Henry: The heavenly burger was tempting, but we drove past it.
me: oh my. so i assume you're hanging out in Our Father's Internet Cafe?
Henry: Haha.. no, I'm in the car. Borrowing James' internet USB dongle.
me: 2 points to technology!
shall we get ramblin' then?
Henry: Sure!
me: great. who are you?
Henry: Hello, my name is: Henry. I sing, play, and write for Aloud.
me: pleasure.
who are you when you walk into a lonesome texas gas station where no one knows you?