Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb. 19: The End of This Blue Heaven...As You've Known Us

stfu donnie
Dear Friends,

This Valentine's Day, in addition to giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD of the "Slow Dance Slow" mp3 + videowe'd like to extend an invitation to attend the final performance of the five individuals you've come to know as This Blue Heaven on Saturday, February 19th at the Middle East Upstairs.

A spring or two ago, after a set at the Paradise, an audience member told us we were like a five-star constellation on stage.  And so we have been for four years.  Now, it is with a mixture of hope and sadness that we say farewell to one of our stars - a true rockstar - drummer Brandon Erdos.  

Photo by Britttany MooreWe wish him the very best in all his musical endeavors; we'll be with you in the crowd at his shows with Parlour Bells and The Luxury - both fantastic local acts and good friends.  We've been through a lot together over the years and we thank Brandon for all he has done to make This Blue Heaven the band it is today.

To show our love, we've given Brandon free reign over the setlist for our show this Saturday at the Middle East Upstairs.  Much to our chagrin, this means we're now busy dusting off some vintage TBH tunes that you won't have heard live in quite some time!  We hope you'll enjoy the nostalgic energy even if we mess up all the words.  This show promises to be one of the loudest, most raucous shows in This Blue Heaven history.

As for our future, we'll emerge with more specific news this spring, but rest assured This Blue Heaven will carry on anew.  The songs we're workshopping now are taking us ever deeper into the essence of who we are and what we believe in.  

So stay tuned to our siteFacebook  -- or email info at thisblueheaven dot com to get on the email list -- for upcoming dates and get them on your calendars because we're on a wild transformative ride and we want you to come along.

Love & Slow Dances,
This Blue Heaven