Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Homemaking hiatus...

Hello friends & family,
I have to say I haven't been able to really write in here as much
as I would like, to share just some of the multitudes of waves of thoughts.
I'm a surfer.  It's a fast-moving game.


Sunday I got a fortune cookie.  My fortune:  Welcome change.

I'm moving this month and somehow also managed to schedule 
3 shows,  (the third is this Friday at Cafe 939 with Sarah Rabdau & SEA + Dramamine [in tribute to The Motion Sick] - all ages!  8pm start.)
3 out-of-town houseguest visits, and 
1 party
this month, too.  

So I'm gonna give myself a week off (maybe 2?) from the regular bloggingses.
Just to free up some mental space
and energy.

If you're sad about missing the duologues,
you should seek out someone to chat with yourself tomorrow.
Ask them what they care about.  It's fun and enriching.

Or just watch some Doctor Who.

In the meantime
I'll post pics maybe once in awhile
of this wonderful
and ridiculous process.

There is a library in those boxes.
There is a cat in this picture.
Only one person in the world could possibly understand
my love of this couch.
Thankfully, my beloveds are accepting & sweet enough to go
to all the trouble without really understanding.

P.S. If roommates throw a housewarming party, is it acceptable to register for gifts at thinkgeek.com?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Duologues: Sophie Innerfield

me: heya
Sophie: Hi!
me: it just occurred to me that whatever we end up talking about, our duologue will hold one very exciting distinction.
Fewest Typos!
Sophie: Hurray!!
me: one sec. coffee refill.
me: back! is this an okay time?
also: coffee is the truth.
Sophie: Yes, this is a great time.
Coffee is great! I've actually been trying to cut back.
Tea just doesn't have the same kick.
me: it doesn't. and i would LOVE to have a life that didn't require a kick. but till then...
Sophie: Coffee it is.
me: good for you for trying to cut back, though.
so, who are you?
Sophie: I'm Sophie Innerfield!
me: yay!
this is funny... i have all these friend questions to ask, like - how was your night last night and are you going to magen's show tomorrow, but that's not really why we're here. let me consult the official interview questions....
Sophie: Ooo, sounds good. Let's stick around after the interview portion and have a friend chat.
me: good idea.
it'll be really juicy.
(i just said that so people will wish they could read that part, too and so we sound all intriguing.)
(i hope it works.)
Sophie: (Nice!)
me: oh this is a good sophie question.
if you could remove just one thing from existence, what would it be?
Sophie: Oh boy.
That's actually a terrible, terrible question for me.
me: :)
Sophie: Everything I think of has a flip side.
How about...malaria.
I don't think there's anything good about malaria.
me: good point. what were some of the candidates with positive flip sides?
Sophie: Heroin (opiates are an important therapeutic drug), Facebook (endless, endless material for ridicule)
My need to make a living, which is what gets me up at a reasonable hour every day
me: you think you wouldn't get up otherwise?
Sophie: Not at a reasonable hour anyway
I think that having something to rebel against or escape from is a big part of why we do things, especially as musicians. I'm not sure how much I would get done with unlimited time.
I'd like a little bit more time, but I still need some structure.
me: i've thought a lot about the structure factor, but the rebellion thing is an interesting idea.
do you think we need to define ourselves against something? or is that not quite right.
Sophie: Of course music doesn't feel much like rebellion when I'm practicing technique.
Yes, I think that's true
me: sure
Sophie: I think it helps when we have something to be be angsty about
And for those of us with broad-minded, thorough liberal arts educations in administrative positions...
Instant angst!
me: that was quick.
'cause that's us, right?
and we're both way too smart for our jobs.
Sophie: It's true.
me: so what if we engaged the really dark crap of the world more.
then could we quit our jobs and still be creative?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Duologues: Jason Dunn

(Jason's chat photo was of a cute, fuzzy
panda bear, which I would've used here
but apparently I wasn't licensed to do so.)
me: there.
Jason: any second now, yeah, as soon as she figures out how to use computers
oh crap wrong window
me: niiiiice
Jason: hi!
me: i can see i'll have my work cut out for me
hi! how are you?
Jason: I'm OK. Surprisingly awake for a weekday.
me: well done.
are we on a tight schedule?
Jason: define "tight".
me: that's what she said.
who are you?
Jason: I can't believe you just snatched the first off-color joke in the convo out from under my fingertips
I'm Jason Horatio Halogen Dunn
me: wah ah ah ah
Jason: This from the girl who was offended by my harmless Juicy Waterfall rap.
No, not really.
My middle two names are really Michael. And there is only one of them.
me: i wasn't offended, i was just warning my relatives that they might be.
Jason: pfft.
me: twss
Jason: OH MAN
you've even shortened it t an acronym to get the jump on me
this seems planned.
are you typing really slowly, or thinking?
me: that's classified.
me: so. jason michael dunn. do you consider yourself an impatient man?
Jason: I don't have time for that.
me: to...consider yourself?
Jason: Oh man, if I took the time to consider myself I wouldn't ddo half the sh*t I do
feel free to edit this for typos
me: shan't.
Jason: sh*t.
me: so, for example.
Jason: An impatient man?
yes, examples please
me: what might you not do
if you stopped to consider yourself?