Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bye-bye this blue blog

This space has been incredibly meaningful for me, for an important period in my life.  But I've outgrown it.

For news about This Blue Heaven, please visit us at www.thisblueheaven.com or facebook.com/thisblueheaven.  I'll also be blogging at bostonbandcrush.org for the foreseeable future.

Friends old and new will be directed to a new blog as I get it off the ground.  


Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb. 19: The End of This Blue Heaven...As You've Known Us

stfu donnie
Dear Friends,

This Valentine's Day, in addition to giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD of the "Slow Dance Slow" mp3 + videowe'd like to extend an invitation to attend the final performance of the five individuals you've come to know as This Blue Heaven on Saturday, February 19th at the Middle East Upstairs.

A spring or two ago, after a set at the Paradise, an audience member told us we were like a five-star constellation on stage.  And so we have been for four years.  Now, it is with a mixture of hope and sadness that we say farewell to one of our stars - a true rockstar - drummer Brandon Erdos.  

Photo by Britttany MooreWe wish him the very best in all his musical endeavors; we'll be with you in the crowd at his shows with Parlour Bells and The Luxury - both fantastic local acts and good friends.  We've been through a lot together over the years and we thank Brandon for all he has done to make This Blue Heaven the band it is today.

To show our love, we've given Brandon free reign over the setlist for our show this Saturday at the Middle East Upstairs.  Much to our chagrin, this means we're now busy dusting off some vintage TBH tunes that you won't have heard live in quite some time!  We hope you'll enjoy the nostalgic energy even if we mess up all the words.  This show promises to be one of the loudest, most raucous shows in This Blue Heaven history.

As for our future, we'll emerge with more specific news this spring, but rest assured This Blue Heaven will carry on anew.  The songs we're workshopping now are taking us ever deeper into the essence of who we are and what we believe in.  

So stay tuned to our siteFacebook  -- or email info at thisblueheaven dot com to get on the email list -- for upcoming dates and get them on your calendars because we're on a wild transformative ride and we want you to come along.

Love & Slow Dances,
This Blue Heaven

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Autumn into winter...

...and I'm turning inward, where the light lives during this season.

For now that means retreating from this outer space for awhile.

Yes, even the duologues will be on hold as I adjust to the new Boston Band Crush gig.  Keep an eye out for my show crushes there and my (NEW!) lyrics crush column in the new year.

You can find me abusing Facebook day or night, of course, with plenty of This Blue Heaven and other news in a steady stream.  Maybe one of these days I'll even get a handle on this tweeting business.

Mom, don't worry, I'll call you.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wed... er, Thursday Duologue: Henry Beguiristain

me: henri!
Henry: Hey!
Sorry it took me so long. AT&T clearly does not have the nation's largest 3G network.
me: how's le texas? (that's francais for texas;)
no sorries
Henry: Texas.. so far, it's incredibly sunny. A little chilly.
We also spotted a "Jesus Christ is Lord Travel Center".
me: did you go in?
Henry: The heavenly burger was tempting, but we drove past it.
me: oh my. so i assume you're hanging out in Our Father's Internet Cafe?
Henry: Haha.. no, I'm in the car. Borrowing James' internet USB dongle.
me: 2 points to technology!
shall we get ramblin' then?
Henry: Sure!
me: great. who are you?
Henry: Hello, my name is: Henry. I sing, play, and write for Aloud.
me: pleasure.
who are you when you walk into a lonesome texas gas station where no one knows you?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Duologues: Michael J. Epstein

Michael: Hello!
me: drat! i've been sitting here drafting an email for the last two hours when we could've been having a pre-midnight conversation?
Michael: Indeed. Apologies for keeping you up late.
me: i'd be up anyway, no worries.
Michael: Excellent. I don't trust people who go to bed early.
me: why's that?
Michael: Going to bed early is so unthinkable to me that I must conclude that one who chooses to do so must have had some kind of cognitive injury.
me: that's where logic will get you. what people do you trust?
Michael: It is true that there are a lot of behaviors and philosophies that I just can't comprehend. It is likely a result of my narrow-mindedness. Either way, I prefer not to have to trust anyone. Then I don't have to think about whether I trust an individual or not. That is the only way I can get along with people who prefer early slumber.
For instance, I really don't like Billy Joel, yet Billy Joel attaches himself to my musical accomplishments, however objectively minor they are. He has a song about how it's just a "matter of trust" and I positively do not trust him.
me: Billy Joel attaches himself to your musical accomplishments?
Michael: Do you trust Billy Joel?
me: no, he's a drunk.
(hold on i gotta get a drink.)
Michael: He is a drunk that SPIN thinks I make lyrical shout-outs to and VH1 thinks I want to help celebrate by counting down his hits.
me: wait, what's that last bit?
Michael: http://www.spin.com/articles/motion-sick and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkLwR-3oVo0 respectively, but my doctor asked me to reduce my Billy Joel perseveration, so perhaps we should move on.
me: okay but maybe we'll come back to your lyrics in a bit.
Michael: My Billy Joel shout-outs? Incidentally, I tried to contact that guy to ask him what he was referring to, but did not receive a response.
me: so you don't know which song he meant, even?
Michael: I haven't even the slightest clue. I probably spent two hours poring over the lyrics on that album to try and figure out what could possibly be perceived as associated with that guy.
me: wow.
that would be infuriating. also, now i want to pore over the lyrics on that album to figure it out. i probably know more billy joel lyrics than you do.
Michael: I should probably hire a private detective to solve the case. I like the idea of private detectives. I really like the classic American film noir stuff. I almost feel inspired to make a hard-boiled documentary/drama about the Billy Joel lyrics. Actually, this might be the first official announcement, but there is a small group of us working on a sitcom based on our lives. We have an assignment to outline episode ideas. This just might be one.
me: let me ask you something that keeps me awake at nights.
first i have to ask you the traditional first question.
Michael: These are the lyrics to the album in question by the way: http://www.themotionsick.com/alllyrics.html
I once wrote a song called "Destroy Tradition."
me: i know it may seem like a formality at this point. you've been featured in SPIN, after all.
but my mother will be reading and she has somehow managed to get this far in life without knowing you.
who are you?
Michael: For your mother...I am Michael J. Epstein. I am most well known for having a mustache and liking things on Facebook. Neither of those things is important to me at all of course, but the things that are important to me don't make for good sound bites. Declaring that a mossy patch of grass on the sidewalk is a national park and wildlife preserve for mummified squirrels does. So, your mom will only find out about the squirrel, the mustache, and the liking. Also, most recently, she should know that it's my birthday.
Mothers tend to like me for whatever reason. I guess I seem okay, at least on the surface.
me: that's useful. mothers usually do not like me. grandmothers, however, do.
Michael: Also, I bet you have more readers, and you certainly have more important readers, than SPIN.
me: ahhh and that's why mothers like you.
Michael: Yes. I do actually like SPIN, particularly SPIN.com, so I don't mean that as a dig at them. Not everyone can reach the acme.
me: i really have reached it, by the way. have you heard?
Michael: I don't know, I hear a lot of things (practicing lines for my noir sitcom episode).
me: (i like it.)
(i think this is the announcement, by the way.)
Michael: That is very exciting news! I am delighted to hear that!
me: all thanks to you, but we'll get back to that too.
Michael: This chat is like ten press releases in one!
me: right?
Michael: I like to make an event out of everything.
me: and i think i have even convinced ashley to give me a weekly column on lyrics.
"column" - it'll be short interviews.
Michael: Ooh, I like that even more! Lyrics are very important to me. Back to distrust, I distrust people that don't pay attention to lyrics when they listen to music.
me: on this we agree.
Michael: How does your mother feel about this?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Duologues: Richard Bouchard

Boston Band Crush duologue month continues!!!

me: monsieur! shall we do a whirlwind interview?
or... a whirlwinterview?
that sounds snowy.
Richard: Lets see what we can do!
me: okay let's dive right in, then. who are you, anyway?
Richard: I'm Rich! The guy in the hat.
Man about town
indierockranger on the twitter
me: who are you when you're all alone in your car rolling down the highway?
Richard: It depends on the day I've had. In the mornings I'm usually focused on work, so I'm not listening to too much.
On the ride home, if I've had a good day I'm listening to some BBC favorites on my ipod, the happy Rich most people know
after a trying day, I might slip back into old Rich, a bit more aggressive
'90s grunge rock Rich
me: what's your favorite grouchy grunge song and in what ways do you sing and/or play along in the car?
Richard: I really still love anything by the Smashing Pumpkins, if I hear Geek USA everyone around me is done for.
How do I sing in the car? Poorly, but loudly. I try to drown myself out with the volume.
I tend to abuse the steering wheel during particularly rousing drum solos.
me: that's what i was picturing. good.
Richard: I have this weird relationship with the Smashing Pumpkins. I love them for what they were, but I know their new stuff is crap. I keep going for anything that dude puts out though.
Just hoping, every time
me: i so know that compulsion. and the let down.
do you have any unicorns on or in your car?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Duologues: C.D. Di Guardia

me: good morning (it's still morning, isn't it?) - this is a spontaneous duologue request from MacKenzie Outlund. wanna?
lemme interview you!
C.D.: hey!
me: aha!
so are you down? i'm totally going to make this BBC month on my blog.
C.D.: hahah
me: great!
do you know what you're in for?
C.D.: I think so!
a verbatim transcript of the chat? typos and all?
me: yup, although if you use naughty language i have to bleep.
C.D.: wherein I shall try to be as inoffensive as possible?
me: oh that's not MY rule!
C.D.: what is YOUR rule?
me: just be as you as possible.
C.D.: got it
me: while i ask you wacky questions.
ready set go?
C.D.: done and done!
turn on the recorder
me: yay!
so. who are you?
C.D.: I am Christopher Dennis (Chris/CD) Di Guardia.
me: who are you when nobody's looking?
C.D.: Definitely a Jedi. Because I know the Force is going to work someday when NO ONE is looking.
me: nice. and how will you use it first?
C.D.: I am starting small, just trying to move objects by gesturing at them and/or reach towards them, a la Luke in the beginning of Empire Strikes Back.
me: are we talking remote controls across the room? or moving your car to the other side of the street on street cleaning day?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Homemaking hiatus...

Hello friends & family,
I have to say I haven't been able to really write in here as much
as I would like, to share just some of the multitudes of waves of thoughts.
I'm a surfer.  It's a fast-moving game.


Sunday I got a fortune cookie.  My fortune:  Welcome change.

I'm moving this month and somehow also managed to schedule 
3 shows,  (the third is this Friday at Cafe 939 with Sarah Rabdau & SEA + Dramamine [in tribute to The Motion Sick] - all ages!  8pm start.)
3 out-of-town houseguest visits, and 
1 party
this month, too.  

So I'm gonna give myself a week off (maybe 2?) from the regular bloggingses.
Just to free up some mental space
and energy.

If you're sad about missing the duologues,
you should seek out someone to chat with yourself tomorrow.
Ask them what they care about.  It's fun and enriching.

Or just watch some Doctor Who.

In the meantime
I'll post pics maybe once in awhile
of this wonderful
and ridiculous process.

There is a library in those boxes.
There is a cat in this picture.
Only one person in the world could possibly understand
my love of this couch.
Thankfully, my beloveds are accepting & sweet enough to go
to all the trouble without really understanding.

P.S. If roommates throw a housewarming party, is it acceptable to register for gifts at thinkgeek.com?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Duologues: Sophie Innerfield

me: heya
Sophie: Hi!
me: it just occurred to me that whatever we end up talking about, our duologue will hold one very exciting distinction.
Fewest Typos!
Sophie: Hurray!!
me: one sec. coffee refill.
me: back! is this an okay time?
also: coffee is the truth.
Sophie: Yes, this is a great time.
Coffee is great! I've actually been trying to cut back.
Tea just doesn't have the same kick.
me: it doesn't. and i would LOVE to have a life that didn't require a kick. but till then...
Sophie: Coffee it is.
me: good for you for trying to cut back, though.
so, who are you?
Sophie: I'm Sophie Innerfield!
me: yay!
this is funny... i have all these friend questions to ask, like - how was your night last night and are you going to magen's show tomorrow, but that's not really why we're here. let me consult the official interview questions....
Sophie: Ooo, sounds good. Let's stick around after the interview portion and have a friend chat.
me: good idea.
it'll be really juicy.
(i just said that so people will wish they could read that part, too and so we sound all intriguing.)
(i hope it works.)
Sophie: (Nice!)
me: oh this is a good sophie question.
if you could remove just one thing from existence, what would it be?
Sophie: Oh boy.
That's actually a terrible, terrible question for me.
me: :)
Sophie: Everything I think of has a flip side.
How about...malaria.
I don't think there's anything good about malaria.
me: good point. what were some of the candidates with positive flip sides?
Sophie: Heroin (opiates are an important therapeutic drug), Facebook (endless, endless material for ridicule)
My need to make a living, which is what gets me up at a reasonable hour every day
me: you think you wouldn't get up otherwise?
Sophie: Not at a reasonable hour anyway
I think that having something to rebel against or escape from is a big part of why we do things, especially as musicians. I'm not sure how much I would get done with unlimited time.
I'd like a little bit more time, but I still need some structure.
me: i've thought a lot about the structure factor, but the rebellion thing is an interesting idea.
do you think we need to define ourselves against something? or is that not quite right.
Sophie: Of course music doesn't feel much like rebellion when I'm practicing technique.
Yes, I think that's true
me: sure
Sophie: I think it helps when we have something to be be angsty about
And for those of us with broad-minded, thorough liberal arts educations in administrative positions...
Instant angst!
me: that was quick.
'cause that's us, right?
and we're both way too smart for our jobs.
Sophie: It's true.
me: so what if we engaged the really dark crap of the world more.
then could we quit our jobs and still be creative?