Thursday, February 26, 2009

In which the singer comes out

Hi I'm queer!

Well, most people would use the word "bisexual" to describe me, which is okay because it's accurate to say that I am attracted to women and men, and have had long-term romantic relationships with (people who identify as) both men and women. I just find that word "bisexual" so...either/or. Like... it doesn't really step outside of the idea that, okay, either you're This or you're That. Wait, you're not? Okay, then you're ThisandThat. A bicycle has two wheels. A biped uses two feet. I don't really walk around with a dude and a lady on each arm, you know? 

I don't know, maybe it's just not that sweet, "bi." 

And love, of course, is very sweet. The people I have loved have lots of things in common...passion for music, intelligence, a certain willingness to question the status quo, a love of animals, some capacity for silliness, an awareness of beauty, creativity, and a depth that is hard to articulate but immediately recognizable when you get to it. These things, along with open eyes and an intriguing combination of vulnerability and power -- oh and they have to give solid hugs -- seem to be the real themes of my attractions. Nothing about it feels either/or to me. *Shrug*

Anyways, so I like the word queer for myself because it encompasses variety and fluidity. It's inclusive. I like inclusiveness. Anyone picking up on a theme there?  I know there's a whole lot of political and sociocultural baggage that goes along with all of this, but really?  This is just a part of who I am just like how I don't have one favorite color or food because there is so much to love in orange and blue and purple, mac & cheese and raw oysters and kalamata olives.  I love what's worth loving and I'm lucky that my "chemistry" agrees with me.

So while I feel passionate about creating an inclusive world, I probably won't be stepping up on very many soapboxes here.  I hope that if I break any barriers, it will be through simple honesty about who I am, which is a perfectly flawed, beautiful mess of a human being.  

(That's right:  just like everyone in the world.)


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