Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playlist for the night drive home

I'm working on a blog entry about love and the color blue and Leonard Cohen that's going to blow your mind.  In the meantime, I wanted to share this playlist with you, which I quite haphazardly (read: drunkenly) threw together Friday night on the ride home from Portsmouth, NH (cool town, by the way, with a flipping awesome thrift store by The Muddy called Second Time Around).  I know it's eclectic (read: random), but I think it's kind of inspired -- it definitely made the 3am drive totally dreamy.

Family Tree :: TV on the Radio
In the Sun :: Coldplay & Michael Stipe
Transatlanticism :: Death Cab for Cutie
So Damn Lucky :: Dave Matthews
The Limit to Your Love :: Feist
A Dustland Fairytale :: The Killers
Crown of Love :: The Arcade Fire
Coconut Skins :: Damien Rice
Blackbird :: The Beatles
Chicago :: Sufjan Stevens
Mysterious Ways :: U2
Phenomena :: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Tonight :: Smashing Pumpkins
Elsewhere :: Sarah McLachlan
The Moneymaker :: Rilo Kiley
Paranoid Android :: Radiohead


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