Monday, March 9, 2009

Slow dance lyrics, check

It was daylight savings time this weekend, so even though I didn't feel as tired as the clock said I should last night, I had big plans to go to bed early and get up early this morning.  I got out my journal for just a "few minutes" of scribbling to unwind, and ended up writing lyrics for my slow dance song.  Then I obviously HAD to email them to one of the songwriters right that second, which required staying up to tap the whole thing into my iPhone because the wireless on the laptop isn't working, for reasons unknown.  So I ended up hitting snooze for two hours this morning instead of getting to the office early.  The setbacks I suffer for the muse.  And This Blue Heaven.  *wink*  

Actually, though, I had some seriously crazy dreams between snoozes this morning.  The second tornado one in as many weeks.

Oh!  I just remembered that tornadoes are a symbol of love-worry for me.  (Love-worry:  n. General anxiety surrounding a loved one, sometimes but not always pertaining to the love itself.)  Hm.  Well this tornado was right up against this huge dream-building downtown, but it didn't hurt anything, and I walked by it to wherever I was going, though I wasn't unconcerned or unperplexed that the building wasn't affected.  So that's gotta be a fairly good dream.  Right?


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