Friday, April 3, 2009

The (okay, My) Saneaholic's Serenity Prayer

Inspired by 

God grant me the serenity
to go really loony and start collecting all the things 
whose names I really love.
Roadmaps of towns like What Cheer, IA for example.
Packets of frangipani and white triumphator.
While I'm at it, maybe sticks and stones 
from all the places I'll travel all alone with books in tow,
both blank ones and ones with lines-filled-in.
Shells too, obviously, or yeah! 
a labeled jar for each beach's peculiar salad
of stones, sands, plants, and shellfish debris.  
(E.g. Useless Bay: crushed mussel shells & 
barnacles, gray stones, coarse sand.)
Oh- and more old typewriters like my Skyriter to clack out 
lyrics I like a lot and passages from the aforementioned 
books, and the beach jar labels, of course.
Grant me the courage to display all this stuff, 
including the books - yes even the Beebo Brinker Chronicles, 
all over my home; and the wisdom to only invite people in
who want nothing more than to drink something hot 
like chocolate or cider or one of my thousands of teas 
with names like Bee Balm and Honeybush
and be changed.


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