Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Magic brewing in the silences between

Do you know what is the most awesome thing EVER?

After Fenway Franks.  OBviously.

The best thing ever is writing lyrics that spring from the heart of your life and yourself and your work in this world... and then sending them off to some of your dearest friends to turn into songs... and getting back this musical representation of something so close to you...  and it's surprising and beautiful and crafted with such understanding and artistry and care that it aims right back at your heart... and when you get to sing that, you cannot help but really embody the expression and feel that the thing in you or in your life that you wrote about is being transformed further with each performance in this ongoing alchemy... and that as you perform it with and surrounded by these dear friends, that they are in it with you and won't let you flail in the abyss with your lonely fight to be who you are, to make your world, well... blue.  

It requires HEAPS of trust, this band thing, particularly the part where we are creating together.  It can be so hard to let go of your own ego and defenses and really open up to the process and to each other.  But collaborating in this way on art that really matters to you and with people who really matter to you is such an opportunity to experience support in a truly unique and aweing way.  

I feel totally blessed by it.  This next album (imaginary as it is at this point) is going to be special.  That will be audible, I am certain of it.

So fingers crossed to debut one of these new tunes next Thursday @ Great Scott!!!  (I know I know, ONLY if it's ready, GP...don't worry.)


Joe Grav said...

i'm just redonk excited to see you guys at great scott. that place is my favorite venue.

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