Friday, April 9, 2010

Emerging: Morning Music Mix!

So, I have a hard time getting going in the morning.  Transitions are hard generally, but emerging from the peace of my bed, out the door, to arrive at the boxey gray world of my office, may be the toughest in my day-to-day life.  When I worked in a daycare, we helped the 3-year-olds transition from one thing to the next with a song.  Clean-up clean-up, everybody everywhere...  that kind of thing.  So to help along my inner 3-year-old, I have made myself this AWESOME mix of tunes.  My indispensable iHome alarm clock kicks in with track #1 when it's time to get up and stays on through track #14 (Movin' Right Along is the GET YOUR BUTT OUT THE DOOR tune), at which point I plug in my headphones, move the pod to my pocket and I'm out the door for my walk to work with tracks #15 through #21.  It.  Rules.

Oh yes, and it also highlights some of Boston's best bands!  
Plus a few indie standards.  
Plus my 2 favorite San Francisco bands, Rupa & the April Fishes and LoveLikeFire.

PLUS Papermoon - the former band of my very good friend and producer of Quicksandglass (as well as producer, songwriter, and performer on the Brendan Kelley track - #13), David Messier/Starbuckle of Same Sky Productions, now based in Austin, TX.  

PLUS PLUS, there are actually 21 tracks on my playlist, though this iMix only shows 20.  Track #21 (which tricks me into walking through my office door by being so flippin' catchy that everything else falls) is "Sugar" by the most delicious Naked On Roller Skates.  It's just not on iTunes yet so they wouldn't let me include it in my iMix.  Please download it, though.  It's free.  And did I mention awesome?

Plus The Muppets (!!!) because, well.  They rule.

And okay, I snuck a This Blue Heaven song in there for the iMix because, y'know... self promotion and all that.  (But people really have told me it's a great song for getting going in the morning!)

So!  Please feel free to buy this playlist.  Most of these songs are also available on the artists' websites or through Amazon if you're anti-iTunes.  Better yet, go catch them live and buy a real live CD artifact!!!  Either way, I definitely encourage you to take a listen and delve further into anything you dig but haven't heard before.  There's some serious music going on in these parts!!!  Some serious get your butt out of bed music!

21 Sugar Naked on Roller Skates (forthcoming)

MWAH! Happy Friday.


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