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Countdown to Spinning & Shining: Sophia Cacciola of Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling


Camp Street Love

CD Love in the Weekly Dig "Relentlessly upbeat and unquenchably positive, Spinning and Shining is a hopeful endeavor perfect for scratching the summertime itch."

<a href="">Nova Love by This Blue Heaven</a>

Show Love in the Weekly Dig "The lineup may seem like a genre clash, but the common denominator at play here is undeniable: Each group incorporates the talent of some of the city's best rockers ... who happen to be talented females."

So, y'know... there's that.  (!!!!!!!!!!)

And then there's Sophia.  I want to preface my personal introduction to Sophia Cacciola by saying that I have a great deal of respect for her artistry and her intellect, and I like and admire her a great deal as a human being for many reasons -- from her strong moral framework to her unwavering support of the Boston music scene (which cannot be overstated).  These things all inform what I am, in the full light of my feminist convictions, about to say.  Oh, and please also note that I also have a great deal of respect for her marriage vows (hi buddy!) and, of course, my own sweet relationship.

But um...


Y'know?  And I don't mean hot blond whoa.  I mean woman in hot command of the full power of her raw wild self whoa.  Sophia's Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling onstage presence and performance will transfix you.  Even if you do glimpse a few glimmers of her obvious adoration for her counterpart's 'stache in the mix as well.  

Plus, I wanted to be an astronaut, too.


Who/what are some NON-musical influences on your music?
The well publicized project of our band is to write/record a song for each episode of the '60s spy cult tv show, The Prisoner – our EP, The New Number 2 had the first five songs and we're gearing up to record another set of 6 or so – I hope to have all 17 “episodes” done by early next year. The show is very surreal and paranoid; and anti-establishment/societal conformity so it's been a real learning experience to live in that mindset for a while.

What about a career path you haven't pursued, but might later or would if you had time or even another lifetime?
I always wanted to be an astronaut or a singer. I think I would have made a great astronaut. I love everything to do with Space: The Final Frontier.

What is the strangest thing you've found yourself doing since being in a band?
I have learned what a “control enthusiast” I am. I'm playing more and more with art direction and concepts as a way to enhance the music aspect of the band. I guess for my style I really feel that to be a performer I need to cultivate being a musician and an artist.

If you could open for anyone (let's say in all of history, 'cause that's more fun), who would it be?
The Stooges on the Raw Power tour (1973); Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on the Let Love In tour (1995); Klaus Nomi in 1979; Tom Waits on the Bone Machine tour (1992); Joy Division in 1979; I could go on like this for pages.

Where would you like to travel?
Traveling is all about eating for me – I like to go and plan vacations where vegans are accepted – barring that I would love to hole up on a secluded island in Hawaii for the rest of my days.

When do you find yourself aware of yourself *as a woman* in the band context?
There was a moment in Richmond, VA when I lifted my drum stick to hit the snare and it got caught on my dress for a quick moment and someone woo'd – so I guess I'm aware when accidentally flashing the audience! Though at the beginning of the night I often see a wave of acceptance pass over people's faces when they see me setting my drum set up and you can see the gears turning until they realize that I'll be drumming that night – girl drummers are still a novelty.

Describe your favorite audience in one word.

Upcoming stuff?
We're finishing up our first tour, will be headed back into the studio to record another EP in the fall, we're working on two music videos, and will likely be out on the road again in the Spring.

(I'm gonna go ahead and take this opportunity to  directly address the 2 people who read my blog:  Hi Mom! - this band is not really your bag, but they're still good folks.  Agent Bishop, you're kind of a genius for getting the roadie/merch-girl gig with these guys. They're on around 9:30pm THIS SATURDAY AT MIDDLE EAST UPSTAIRS!)


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