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Wednesday Duologues: Olivia Outlund

So, I'm traveling and visiting family for a couple of weeks out in the Pacific Northwest, and I decided to take advantage of rare sister time and interview one of my youngest sisters for this week's duologue. We had an awesome chat, my sissie and I, and covered all the truly important subjects: imagination, music, trusting yourself, and chocolate. And in the process, we probably revealed a thing or two about what it is to be an Outlund.

Also, we did this interview sitting across from each other with our laptops at the kitchen table.

me: hallooooo!
Olivia: Hellloooo!
me: yay! are you so excited for our interview?
Olivia: I am SO excited!
me: me too! i don't get to talk to you nearly enough.
silly busy lives.
Olivia: Indeed, very silly :)
me: okay, ready?
Olivia: All set
me: ::ahem::
who are you?
Olivia: Olivia
me: great!
Olivia: Am I supposed to find a deeper answer?
me: there are no right answers here.
Olivia: Phew!
me: is that a relief?
Olivia: Quite.
me: how come?
(want me to go in the other room? would that be easier?)
Olivia: No, would it be easier for you?
me: i don't think so... this is funnier.
okay i know
did you like it?
Olivia: Yes, I am curious to find out what happens to Amelia Pond and a show must be good if it has you hooked after one episode.
me: yipeee!
after watching that episode, if you were in amelia's shoes, would you go with the doctor onto his time machine?
Olivia: Oh yeah!
me: what about if you were in YOUR shoes?
Olivia: Still yes.
me: so imagine he says to you, "all of time and space, anything that's ever happened or ever will. where do you want to start?"
what's your answer?
Olivia: I think I'd like to go to Greece and see some of the myths played out-cause in my mind they all really happened.
me: oooh nice!!!
knowing doctor who, zeus was actually an alien from some other galaxy. y'know. the kind that gives birth through the head.
what's one of your favorite myths?
Olivia: Heehee, I'll bet you're right :)
Hmm, I like the one's about Athena. She is such a strong female and it didn't seem like they respected females much back then, so it's nice that one really kicked ass.
me: do you identify with athena?
Olivia: Not really, I think I'm drawn to her because she is what I'd like to be. She is strong willed and does what she wants and it'd be nice to have that quality.
me: so you don't feel like you're strong willed?

Olivia: Not about some things. I think when it comes to something I feel very strongly about I can be, but for the most part I just go with the flow and try not to go against the grain.
me: do you think that's from having such pushy older sisters?
(who make you do interviews for their blogs, for example?)
(you can opt out at any time. really.)
okay but seriously...
is going with the flow a philosophical choice?
Olivia: I never thought about it that way. I just know I don't like conflict or feeling like I'm creating a problem, so it's really just to put myself at ease I think.
me: so what kinds of things do you feel strongly enough about that it'd be worth standing up for?
Olivia: I know that if anyone insults my family I get pretty defensive. I abhor the thought of anyone hurting them in any way.
me: <3
me too. i'd kick anyone's ass who tried to hurt you.
or if i ran into anyone who has...
Olivia: Aww, thanks-my sentiments exactly.
me: ::grr::
what do you know for sure?
Olivia: Uh, the earth is round.
me: what do you believe in?
Olivia: Trying to find beauty and goodness in the world-even if sometimes the only way is to imagine it. I think that can lead to something wonderful.
me: what's the best thing you can imagine right this moment?
Olivia: Floating down a river of chocolate in a fudge inner tube.
me: that. is awesome.
i'm just going to join you for a moment there...
Olivia: Oh do, it's lovely this time of year.
me: i think i'd eventually drown.
Olivia: Oh no, that doesn't ever happen in this river!
me: even if i eat the inner tube?
Olivia: Even then :)
me: your imagination rules.
the other day dad said to me that he was starting to think maybe he should've pushed math and science instead of philosophy and humanities. that maybe we'd all be, y'know. more, shall we say, career-optimized.
what do you think of that?
Olivia: I like that he emphasized arts and philosophy, even if we're not all destined to become the commonplace definition of "successful."  I think there's a reason he raised us to appreciate art, music, literature, and philosophy and it's still a good reason.  I think being creative is what makes all his children happiest and even though we're struggling with our jobs now, it will all turn out alright for us.  It might be harder to find a career in the arts or to get rich off it, but I'll think we'll all find a way to be happy.
me: well said. i think he just worries we'll all be poor for...ever.
what's your favorite movie quote that outlunds tend to use/abuse a lot?
(for the folks at home, that "forever" is from The Sandlot.)
Olivia: Hmm, there are so many. "Lose her, dump her, you don't need that." That's a favorite of mine.
me: maybe i can get some audio of you saying that for the blog. it's quite hilarious.
Olivia: Or when Erin says, "Can you read honey?" It's horrible, but it always makes me laugh.
me: ha!
(from Pretty in Pink and A League Of Their Own, respectively)
y'know after we had that pretty in pink stretch, i did my damnedest to reintroduce "up yours" into the lexicon, but it didn't really take.
yeah up yours buddy, comin' from you i take that as a compliment!
let's talk about regret.
it's such a fun topic.
Olivia: Up yours-it does bring a gross image to my mind-maybe that's why it didn't stick.
Okay, sounds fun!
me: stick!
so. what do you think about regret, generally?
Olivia: I think its hard not to look back without regret, but at the same time it's sad if you put too much time and energy into the past that no matter how much you may wish could change, it never will. In small doses, I think it can be good, it can push you to learn from your mistakes and go forward with a more informed idea of what you want to do.
me: what's one lesson you've learned?
Olivia: That just because you want someone to be a certain way that doesn't mean they are and it's important to pay attention to the little alarms that tell you they aren't that person, instead of finding ways to ignore reality-even if it sucks :)
me: that's a really valuable lesson to have learned in only a quarter-century.
little alarms. so i was showing you that book of hobo code - signs they'd leave for each other to warn about mean people or to say this person will give you a hot meal or whatever.
what's one sign you wish someone could leave you along your path in life?
Olivia: I liked the one that said something like-talk religion, you'll be rewarded. No, but really I would like someone to remind me to trust myself more. I'm always finding ways of talking myself out of following my own head and think other people know better, so it's better to follow their lead.
me: maybe athena will leave that sign for your.
Olivia: Yes, I think she has, I just have to pay attention :)
me: what's something you don't know but wish you did?
Olivia: How to be friendly and at ease in social situations. I am hopelessly awkward I fear.
me: have you taken the myers-briggs test?
Olivia: No, I don't even know what that is.
me: aha! it's a personality test developed by psychologists. i got interested in it (again) recently because i've been thinking a lot about "my people" and related that back to my myers-briggs type.
anyway, here's a quick and dirty version:
wanna take it real quick?
i bet i know what you are.
Olivia: alrighty, I'll give it a whirl.
me: want some lemonade?
Olivia: No thanks! ISFJ*
me: oh wow! i was off!
but this does match a lot of what you've been saying here...
rich inner world
guarding others against life's pitfalls and perils
Olivia: Hmm, I don't think of myself as a "defender" but I guess a lot of the statements are accurate. Kinda creepy :) What are you? am I allowed to ask questions in this?
me: of course!
i'm an INFP
i did a blog entry about it awhile back, but here's a sum:
what do you think? is it me?
Olivia: Oh yes, especially about the ability to produce great works of art, music and literature. You do all three!
me: aww
what's your relationship to music (for the folks at home, many of whom are musicians...)
Olivia: Well, I have been given lessons on the piano, cello and bass guitar, but sadly don't play much of any of them anymore. I like to listen to music whenever possible. It seems to be the only thing that can motivate me much of the time or lift my spirits.
me: what's a good song for lifting your spirits?
Olivia: Anything upbeat really. I can't think of a song name at the moment of course. The song I have in my head is Generous Soul-I love that one!
me: oh liv.
you truly are so sweet.
and that song definitely applies to you.
okay are you up for a few more short-answer questions?
Olivia: For sure!
me: okay, try to answer with one word only.
what makes you happy?
Olivia: laughter
me: what pisses you off?
Olivia: impatience
me: what freaks you out?
Olivia: what ifs
me: what turns you off?
Olivia: intolerance
me: what cracks you up?
Olivia: little absurdities
me: okay two more questions and you get to choose them both.
choose one last question you'd like me to ask you and then you can ask me whatever you want.
Olivia: Okay, you ask me what my favorite curse word is and I want to know what you would want to hear God say when you reach his pearly gates.
me: nice.
what's your favorite curse word?
Olivia: Sh*t-it can be used in so many situations-both positive and negative.
And what would you like to hear God say when you reach his pearly gates?
me: "Not too shabby, Outlund."
i'd like to know i did a pretty good job of fulfilling my potential, i guess.
it's an ongoing quest.
Olivia: Very nice-I like that he talks to you like a coach :) I'm sure you'll get at least that much outta the fella.
me: thanks, liv.
this was great! you gonna let me put it on the blog?
Olivia: Most of it, I think.
me: no censoring!
it's all or nuthin'!
it's a conversation artifact!
Olivia: Well, sh*t. All I guess!
me: (i'm an idealist.)
well sh*t.
you're the best.
k, um. let's go back to real talking, now.
Olivia: if we must

ISFJ: The Martyr
If you are an ISFJ, you are giving, generous, and believe strongly in sacrificing yourself to serve your fellow man. Whether you're spending the entire weekend cooking souffle for your husband's big dinner with his boss or giving over your body as a vehicle for the Shoggoth from beneath the ancient city of the Old Ones so that the Great Gods can rise again, selflessness and service are your hallmarks.
This generosity of spirit makes ISFJs admirably suited for any career positions involving being tied to altars or ancient ritual daggers. ISFJs also do well in positions such as teacher, doctor, and crack whore.
RECREATION: ISFJs are of such a self-sacrificing nature that recreation does not come easily to them. Their leisure pursuits often express their inner natures; thus, they often amuse themselves and provide endless entertainment for those around them by being moody and passive-aggressive.
COMPATIBILITY: ISFJs do well in relationships with ENTJs, who take their self-sacrifice for granted and expect no less from their minions. They also do well with ESFPs, because...well, ESFPs will shag anyone.
Famous ISFJs include Thomas the Martyr, Tertullian the Martyr, and Theka the Martyr


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