Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm going to need new earrings

Ever been to the Paradise Rock Club?

Last night, Lisa Hannigan (the now-solo female vocalist who sang on Damien Rice's first two albums) played there.

This Saturday night, The Airborne Toxic Event (you know, their song Sometime Around Midnight is always on the radio -- damn I love that guy's voice) is playing there.

The following Wednesday some other band is rumored to be dropping in to play the venue they first headlined in Boston in 1981.

March 25?  Digable Planets ('cause they're cool like dat, they're chill like dat, they're peace like dat).

April 25?  Parker House and Theory.  Uh huh.  

Oh, and also --

At The Paradise.  No, not the lounge (it's closed now).  The room.  The club.  THE DISE.

SO!  Mark Saturday April 25 on your calendars (while you're writing, mark that it's also the GP's birthday!), come to the show, bring along as many friends as you can -- you will be thrilled you did!  We may be giving away a few choice tickets to promote the show, so stay tuned to our site for details.  If there's any show that's going to be worth attending it's this one!  The Paradise is a sweet, sweet room and Parker House and Theory puts on a super-energetic and airtight live show.  

(Any of you out-of-town beloveds want to come visit that weekend, just say the word!)


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