Monday, March 2, 2009

It won't be the last time I say it

I   L O V E  my band.

The absolute best thing in my life right now is the kinda thing that happened last night at rehearsal, which is that we all played something new together for the first time.  Aaron brought in the first draft of a song for which I'd written the lyrics a week or two ago.  It's always completely magical to me to send off my lyrics and wonder, while I wait, what tune our songwriters will conjure from the musical abyss.  I am always delighted by the results, and last night was no exception.  I'm so excited about this song!

It's called "Lemonade," a title which actually came before any of the lyrics, when Aaron said we needed to "make lemonade" by writing a song inspired by the "lemons" our bandmate's life seems to have given him lately.  So it was kind of awesome to write this song whose purpose, in part, would be to let our friend know he had our support and to maybe make him laugh, too.  

So last night Aaron brought it in and sang it through, which happily we recorded, because he hammed it WAY up and we were all cracking up and it was hilarious.  The song is the perfect combination of cheer, sass, and pop.  I think it's going to fit in really well with Generous Soul (our second-newest one, which is now a regular part of our set).

All of this makes me even MORE eager for the song that's being created from some lyrics I sent Stu recently (no pressure GP... really)!

Anyway, I just feel so totally blessed by this band.  We create together, we laugh together, and we take care of each other.  They could never replace my family, of course, but This Blue Heaven is another kind of family altogether and I really cannot imagine my life without these four uniquely crazy and wonderful men.


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