Thursday, March 4, 2010

TBH Gets Folked Up & Gives Away Free Songs!

So today's the day!  My one shot at being a folk singer (and I can't even strum & sing at the same time anymore?! - thank goodness for the Guitar Player, his skills, and his total willingness to indulge me on this).  Even Boston Band Crush knows what's up!  

So yeah, one more time:  it'll be the absolutely wonderful Magen Tracy of St. Helena, the brilliant Sophie Innerfield of Highly Personal Trash, and, well, us! - At the Armory Cafe in Somerville TONIGHT, 8pm sharp!  Don't miss this event that kicks off a whole weekend of awesome shows around Boston!

In celebration of this evening's show and of spring on the horizon and of life and light and darkness and planets and fireflies (the list goes on...) I have, as promised, a surprise for you that is much sweeter than finding out what a folked out TBH singer wears to a gig (which you have to wait till tonight for anyway).

This Blue Heaven is giving away 11 live tracks for FREE at

These tracks include unreleased tunes as well as favorites from Quicksandglass - recorded & mastered by sonic superhero Joel Simches from our live on-air performance on WMFO in January!  While you're on the bandcamp site, note that you can also still download the Bliss video and single for free.  And of course the record itself is there for the buying as well.

Enjoy, friends!  See you tonight!  I'll be the one in blue lingerie and combat boots.  (Whoops...)


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