Saturday, April 24, 2010


The sequins are waiting for me.

I wonder if Karen O has nights where the last thing she wants to do is put on some crazy get-up and then do her best to turn her guts inside out under the bright lights.  I heard an interview once where she talked about having an incessant leotard wedgie throughout a show they played in Central Park during a thunderstorm.  I wonder if there are nights where she just aches to stay in and read.  Of course there are.

I'm not saying this is a night like that for me.  I'm just saying there is a moment every time, no matter how big or small the show, where I have to ask myself - do I really want to don this shiny get-up and turn my guts inside out under the bright lights?  My guts are imperfect.  Messy.  The sequins are a con.  All those drinking people - why do I do this?

Oh crap, I'm late!


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