Sunday, April 18, 2010

Should be good to Jersey

Through the wonders of 3G technology, I am currently cruising the sunny highway on the way to Philly. There are dandelions in the ditches and bright green spritzes in the hilltops. Today we're gonna do a very quick hop around the city, which I missed the last time we played because we didn't arrive till after dark. This is the first time in my life I've argued for a science museum over an art museum; what can I say? I have a thing for Ben Franklin.

Last night I dreamed of large mutant cats with human eyes. GP thinks we should use the line "those cats are sentient" in a song or title. I think it's awfully David Lynch, which is cool and all, but would certainly be a departure for TBH. Maybe we can write a Lynchy acoustic triptych or something.

The night before last, I dreamed that an evil genius had assembled a bunch of people to some secret locale. We weren't supposed to know where we were, and everyone kept trying to figure it out, but no one thought to use the map tracking device on their iPhones. No one but me. Turned out we were in a place called Forest Shaker. I think it means I'm figuring out I can make things happen.

Oooh it's the big hill on 15! Wheeeee...


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