Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Saturday Night Summer Lovefest at the Lizard Lounge :: Brendan Boogie & The Best Intentions

I think I'll probably always remember when Brendan Boogie - in pink shirt and showtime grin - handed me The Sweet and The Brutal and said, "Here, I'm really proud of this."  That got me.  It impressed me.  Something so simple as stating pride in his work as he gifted me with it was inspiring to me.  It reminded me of all the best teachers I've ever had (Brendan, do you have teachers for parents?) who urged us always only to do work to which we would feel good signing our names.  Those voices have returned to me as I've embarked on this music voyage of mine, so as soon as Brendan said that, I was reminded: that's what I want.  I want to hand over my work knowing I've put myself into it.  I want to say, "Here, I'm really proud of this."

Of course, the dude's got reason to be proud.  Let's forget everything we already know about Brendan Boogie the man (self-proclaimed "benevolent dictator" behind the hugely successful Cover-Up series, anti-perfectionist, super sweetheart) for just a moment, 'cause it turns out he also actually MAKES music!

I have to say I'm in love with a bunch of the tunes on this release.  They are the best of pop and rock, they are catchy, they are sweet and they are, well...brutal.  (So, y'know, he's good with words, too.)  But there's something about the juxtaposition of sweet and brutal in these tracks that is just so quintessentially Brendan.  I don't care what he says in those rants against perfectionism, there is a perfect rightness to these songs.  You can find him in them.

I'm describing this too philosophically/literarily now, aren't I?

Luckily I don't need words at all: just listen yourself!  This is my favorite for today anyway, because I love the strings and I love that it's NOT February anymore (tra la la!) and again it's just a perfect example of heartache that pops.  Oh, and did I mention this baby (the whole album) was recorded & produced by none other than The Luxury's frontman Jason Dunn?  Talk about a coupla sweeties badasses!

<a href="">February by Brendan Boogie &amp; the Best Intentions</a>

As for his upcoming performance (this Saturday, June 19th at the Lizard Lounge. ADVANCE TIX HERE!) - expect sparks to fly, tears to fall, and drinks to spill.  Expect passion.  Expect to rock.



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