Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday Night Summer Lovefest at the Lizard Lounge :: Glenn Yoder

Does the life I want even exist?
Did I leave it back behind me?
Was I closer to it then?

Oh, Glenn.  You and I should have a beer on Saturday night.  Or maybe bourbon is more up your alley?  You name it.  I have to tell you that I dig Okono Road the record (released in January 2009), and your lyrics from the title track are enough to make a person daydream of hitchhiking right outta this town - even if (I suspect) a person weren't already predisposed to that particular daydream.  Maybe we can compare notes.

I've seen you play (as has any true lover of local music) in the Cassavettes, but after giving your solo tunes a good enough listen to feel a wheat-gold breeze lifting my hair, to recall all my heartbreak and longing for home, and to confirm that you've indeed earned your comparisons to all our Americana heroes; suffice it to say I am really looking forward to your set on Saturday.

Eavesdroppers:  that's this Saturday, June 19th at the Lizard Lounge. (ADVANCE TIX HERE!)


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