Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TBH TOFURKEY TOUR PART 2: Stu, have I been swearing a lot?

So I'm kinda leaning toward jeans for the acoustic gig on Thursday (8pm at The Armory Cafe in Somerville).  It's casual, right?  And when am I ever going to get to wear jeans to a gig again?  Then again, a folk costume would really be entertaining.  To me, anyway....  I'm sure anything I wore in college would suffice.  Hm.

Anyways.  Here's Part 2 of the tour!  Philly to Norfolk!  My favorite part of this is obviously me eating the stuffing that Aaron's wonderful mother made.  She made extra.  Because I think I warned Aaron ahead of time that I always stuff myself with stuffing.  And it was good.  Sooooooooo good.


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